It was one of the biggest and the best sports entertainment created in history no matter the odds around it and with all the greatest controversies ever written. Qatar has finally proven to the world that no matter what the world speak about and try to stop us, we can have the best stadium, the best countries, the best players, the best entertainers all at one place united at Qatar World Cup. Making the Qatar World Cup a success is one of the greatest achievements that the Arab world must be proud about and one of the biggest lessons in history that mankind must learn that division or differences or race cannot stop Qatar from making a World Cup.

This will be one of the greatest feat that mankind will talk about in the sporting world which could be accomplished even when half of the world is still recovering yet from a pandemic. The cultural tolerance and the openness to accept everyone has yet again been proven how resilient and culturally open was Qatar World Cup to the entire world. The Qatar World Cup will definitely be missed from everyone around the world to not just football fans and there is no match in History where so much entertainment has been created in World Cup. Congratulations to Argentina team and special credits to their greatest captain of all times Messi, proving that Maradona still lives in him.


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