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Me, Praveen David Jacob from India, completed Bachelors in the field of Information Technology @ Anna University, working 15 Yrs as an Technology Consultant, growing up and living with family in the beautiful city Dubai from The United Arab Emirates.

Learnmystuff is here to provide Specialized training on Database Systems, Application Development, Data Analytics, ERP, Data Science, Data Engineering and Project management along with sharing the knowledge and experience working in the field of most demand technologies and pretty sure the training we offer with you here will make you very competent in the real world, understanding the current market trends and keep you well equipped for the current Job. We have a proven track record to Design, Develop, Integrate and Automate solutions for a wide section of Industries that falls into the category of Automobile, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Investment, Government & Ministerial and with this, it shall be an excited journey to share with you our talent experiences. Please reach out and let’s get learning an interesting Journey.

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Praveen David Jacob

Managing Director