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Introducing Petty Cash System On Cloud – Version 1.3

Learn Oracle Database

oracle database
One of the market leading robust databases which you can learn to create data , manage the information you value the most also provide the best storage and optimum performance .Read More

Learn Oracle Development

Oracle Development
Create user friendly interfaces and applications to meet your business needs and requirements also manage its usability by maintaining and keep track of data. Read More

Learn Python


Looking for a career in Data Analytics or Machine Learning. Explore the world using Python programming with Finance. Read More

Learn Data Analytics


Getting into the world of Data Engineers and discovering Data
Read More

Learn Azure Data Engineering


Learn Oracle ERP

Learn Oracle ERP by understanding core business modules related to Finance, Human Resource, Supply Chain and other important modules which helps you in your daily functions at work .Read More 

Praveen David Jacob

I share my experience and knowledge with you to learn what it takes for building Enterprise Database Applications & learn to program with Data and Machines therefore to satisfy technology needs and train you to become a tech specialist on the run.

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