Do Not Panic I Am Here

If you really had to panic about AI, do not worry they could do less damage what computers had done. The way computers have revolutionized the job industry , AI is just the outer most cream of this computer revolution. History has proven computers have revolutionized most of the work in today’s job market where human dependence have reduced and more of automations and robotics process have been introduced to reduce much of the human intervention and getting more productivity.

If you have adapted to learning computers and using them at your work places and learning how they work well for you in getting your job done easily, in the same way you could also learn AI to make your job well done and that is the crux all about AI. Learning has just got smarter, easier and faster when compared to what you already know.AI is a concept which actually has been around for a very long time since 1950. The only difference it has when compared to the normal computers is that it comes with intelligence to support human thinking at all their daily activities.

Imagine if you could feed all your experience into one system that could immediately give you the result for a new comer and that is revolution in this industry. Therefore it’s a ton of experience or data fed into a computer which is otherwise known as AI.


Know Your S Curves

A project without ” S ” curves is a project without knowing what is going on. One of the most important tools to identify a status on any particular project is about deriving it’s S curve. It is important to achieve an S curve out of every project so that responsible people are aware about it’s performance. In today’s fast paced world getting work done on schedule and on time is paramount for every project managers .The reason why it is called an S curve is simply because while looking at the graph the shape of the line represented forms a S shape.

The shape of the curve is formed automatically with timely update on the project status. The bottom part of the curve signifies the project is just about to start. As and when the progress is made on the project it creates an upward slope which forms the middle part of the curve. It is during this period that the project team is heavily involved on working on the project and this is the point where major cost on the project is incurred. This area is the middle of the curve.

Once the project is due to complete, this forms the upper most part of the S curve where the work actually is almost complete and the growth of the curve begins to plateau. The most common use of S curve is to identify how well you have been doing against the Budget provided.

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Save It Learn It Care It

Learning how to keep your Data safe and secure is one of the key components of a successful business. The ways used to keep your data safe is one of the deciding factors to know the longevity of your data. Before thinking about storing your data at safe places, it is also equally important to understand and learn about your data and accordingly you can decide about a storage plan. In today’s world storage space is never an issue with the advent of cloud technology. Keeping all your data at one place is also never a good idea because a disaster at anyplace can be expected which can destroy years worth of information.

Therefore choosing a reliable data storage provider is crucial as in todays world as lot of factors needs to be considered like below :

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Processing
  • Data Storage Cost
  • Data Backups
  • Data Migration

Outsourcing your Data storage again makes it easier for you to scale up or scale down whenever you need. But at the same time it is also a must to have your Data within your premises to have an ownership privilege. To get consultation and learn about your Data Storage plan get in touch here Click Here

Make Your Virtual Private Cloud

One of the biggest digital transformation today in the network space is the introduction of Virtual Private Cloud’s. This is also called as the Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS) on cloud where your physical network devices like Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Gateways and VPN devices are today a logical device which are configured on cloud to give you that basic network infrastructure to setup your IT systems. Once you are able to setup the network infrastructure then comes the need to develop other applications or services to support your work or business functions.

There are two types of VPC on cloud :

Public VPC :

This is the type of VPC where the Cloud service provider deploys for you the basic network infrastructure needed on cloud using those logical devices like Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Gateways, configuring an automatic subnet along with the automatic routing policies in-order for you to start utilizing cloud services with the help of IP address assigned to you automatically from the provider. Here you do not have the option to design your own private network apart from using what is offered from cloud provider.

Private VPC :

This is a type of VPC where you will manually have to create your own network IP address subnets, routing policies and internet gateways which will enable you to connect to other services on cloud. This is otherwise known as a private cloud where the networking components using the subnets, routers, gateways and routing policies must be configured manually before starting to use any of the cloud services. Private VPC is considered a totally private network on cloud where you decide to construct your own private infrastructure secured to be accessed only internally and isolated from public cloud.

Cloud Computing

Learning about cloud is the best rewarding time as on today. It has become a very valuable and rewarding experience due to the growing demand in today’s job market. There are today some of the major cloud service providers such as AWS, AZURE, ORACLE and GOOGLE that extend their cloud services which includes service models like (IAAS,PAAS,SAAS) .The biggest advantages in using these Cloud models comes to the point of having highly scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions.

Today there are many courses offering cloud certifications but along with the certification it is very necessary to have a proven hands on experience on the different cloud models and along with that you will need a trainer who could help you the concepts right from the beginning. So lets start here by clicking on the link provided below to get enrolled for the best cloud computing training’s

Learn AWS Cloud Computing

Learn Azure Cloud Computing

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Optimize Cloud

Using cloud technology the right way helps individuals and organizations improve their performance and reduce the initial cost for startups or enterprise. There are many cloud service providers today but choosing what is apt for your business is the best foot forward in the way of optimization. Some of the few tips to optimizing cloud.

1.Size does matter when choosing the apt cloud services depending upon your use-case. While you are a startup and do not have much of a data available, getting on to cloud services will make your transition smooth without much of hurdles. Whereas for companies with legacy data, migration of data to cloud needs to be planned and orchestrated.

2.Automating process helps to reduce many manual tasks and improving on efficiency also increase consistency. Doing such things helps to save time and reduce errors. While your services are on cloud, it helps you to identify issues in a centralized manner which helps you to take the right decisions in optimizing performance and reducing cost.

3.Going serverless is another great leap to optimization where you will be able to manage your scalability and high availability during any disaster planning.

4.Many security related hurdles when it comes to data protection, data encryption and access restriction becomes readily deployable while on cloud.

Big Data Truth

The real characteristics of big data is having both structured and un-structured information stored in a distributed storage. Traditional tools and techniques used to store this huge amount of information are very incapable of handling this truth. Also the traditional programming language such as SQL languages could also not be sufficient enough to handle big data and that is why certain special functions like Mapper and Reducer are made to handle big data queries.

There wasn’t any restrictions to write SQL queries on Big Data but the hard truth was all about it’s performance and how fast you wanted your results . The challenge in handling big data is all about handling it’s 3 V’s ( volume, variety , velocity) and the way forward to bring in a system that could handle the 3 V’s is all about implementing a storage which was distributed also a query performer that could work on distributed storage.

Another concern of Big Data is it’s potential misuse of information which can lead to privacy violations and other ethical issues. It was therefore up to the organizations to use it responsibly and ethically. Additionally, individuals must take necessary steps to protect their personal information. Please get in touch and let’s make your Big Data journey meaningful.

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Classify Data

To classify the information you hold, is very important to identify it’s value. Any data that resides within your company or personal that sits around without any classification stays unorganized or scattered. These scattered information can posses high risk of being lost or taken and that is why Data classification is essential to understand its contents and sensitivity. Here are some of the few reasons why one must classify data.

1. Data Security : Sensitive information such as financial information, personal identifiable information or trade secrets can be given level of highest security. In-order to access these information it is very important to have access control or data encryption in place.

2. Compliance : There are many regulations in place today such as GDPR, HIPAA or PCI to help your organizations be in compliance so you remain safe doing your work or business.

3. Efficiency : Data classification enables organizations to identify and prioritize the data that is most critical to their operations. This helps them allocate resources, such as storage, backup, or disaster recovery, more efficiently and effectively.

4.Risk Management : Classification of information is an important tool for assessing and managing risk associated with data. By understanding the sensitivity organizations can identify the potential risk and take measures to mitigate them.

Therefore protect your assets before it leaves without your knowledge. Implementing Microsoft 365 Security is the first foot forward in bringing data under regulations.

A Lookback Summary 2022

First of all I want to give thanks to all my supportive partners and customers in this business who helped starting up this journey with baby steps and putting your trust in my venture. Without you I believe even a dollar is not possible. In spite of the hiccups at times, I understand everything is a learning curve and everything must start from zero. This was indeed the first year Learnmystuff started officially and the first year facts summary is released. Looking forward with great hopes and continued business for a larger audience and with good faith and blessing from above, I stand to continue believing in this venture and welcoming 2023 with higher aspirations and hopes.

Best Thing Of 2022

Best thing of 2022 was receiving a souvenir of the Qatar World Cup, 22 Riyal Banknote. This was a limited edition issued by the Qatar Central Bank with only 6 million banknotes issued world-wide. Feeling lucky to have one of them. Thank You FIFA, Thank You Qatar, Thank You Friend.

Labs Tutorial Coming Soon

Lab exercises for all tech related products and services coming soon under the roof at Learnmystuff with instructions and setup guidelines on how to utilize and built solutions using services of Oracle, Microsoft, Azure, AWS and many more. These lab exercises will be the starting point or a platform built to learn any tech related products or service at on-premise setup or cloud setup.

Bank the Un-Banked

Strange as it may sound that there are many people in the Middle-East and North Africa region who are un-banked. According to the global fintech , 1.7 billion adults world wide are unbanked, which means they do not participate in any any primary financial product or service. According to banking services it is a critical parameter and a crucial enabler in reducing extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. If the banking system has failed the under privilege, at least so far technology has come to the rescue. Financial technology, more popularly referred to these as fintech, has been bringing significant value to the unbanked. and underbanked. Their solutions mostly transcend regional limitations, enable trust, and enhance efficiency. So for an agriculture worker, a wallet apps service would facilitate wage management.

An un-banked population can leave adverse fallouts in society. Besides not having easy access to financial institutions. No access to these essential services compels them to use cash and other equivalent to carry out their daily essentials. The lack of financial inclusions has a tangible impact on economic growth. Technology may not have all the answers, but it can do wonders if it develops a gender-intelligent approach over and above traditional neutral products.

Seamless Data Integrator

Data Integration has been the key priority among many companies during transformation or scaling of their business activity and because of that integration or integrating Data between systems was a must without which there wasn’t a legacy being continued. Moving Data from one system to the other or migration of their legacy systems to the new system was always a challenge when it comes to communicating between two different platforms or different tech brands. At times when data was transported from one system to the other, Data was sometimes received in excel files or text files and because of which, Data could be manipulated, mismanaged or even lost when moving from one system to the other.

This is where a role of a Data Integrator comes into play where information or Data need not be kept in flat files whereas the Data Integrator can help to establish a seamless connection between your legacy and the new system to help you with Data Integration or Data Transformation jobs. Pentaho is one of the best leads in Data Transformation or Data Integration where those activities are automated with less human intervention. It comes with built in adapters to help you establish connection between multiple systems whether it may be Oracle, Microsoft, Postgres, Mongo…etc. It also doesn’t matter if Data might be present on-premise or cloud, no matter where your Data sits, Pentaho will be a seamless Data Integration to help you transform your Data at a speed never imagined.

Every Data Transformation or Data Integration job must have a workflow maintained to keep a track of the data movement happening during this process. So that at any moment in time when there is a gap or bad data, it must be able to identify those gaps and rectify. This is also where Pentaho will help you to keep track of the Data Integration activity using workflows to help you stop and be informed to improve your Data Integration job by cleaning off bad data.