Know Your S Curves

A project without ” S ” curves is a project without knowing what is going on. One of the most important tools to identify a status on any particular project is about deriving it’s S curve. It is important to achieve an S curve out of every project so that responsible people are aware about it’s performance. In today’s fast paced world getting work done on schedule and on time is paramount for every project managers .The reason why it is called an S curve is simply because while looking at the graph the shape of the line represented forms a S shape.

The shape of the curve is formed automatically with timely update on the project status. The bottom part of the curve signifies the project is just about to start. As and when the progress is made on the project it creates an upward slope which forms the middle part of the curve. It is during this period that the project team is heavily involved on working on the project and this is the point where major cost on the project is incurred. This area is the middle of the curve.

Once the project is due to complete, this forms the upper most part of the S curve where the work actually is almost complete and the growth of the curve begins to plateau. The most common use of S curve is to identify how well you have been doing against the Budget provided.

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