Talking or Doing

There isn’t much of an impact based on analysis when you talk Bad, which gets forgotten over a period of time but that isn’t the case while Doing things . Action speaks louder than words and words don’t mean anything when there isn’t an outcome or the output from the end. No matter how badContinue reading “Talking or Doing”

Python For Finance is Here

Looking for a future with Finance and Machines, this is where the journey starts by learning to program in Python with the use of Market Stock Data and understanding it’s trends. Explore the world of Data Science and Machine learning by getting trained on the most popular Python programming language. Read More

Starting A New Venomous Journey

From the Goddess of Oracle to the Devil’s Python, this is going to be a new force ahead having one on the left and the other on the right. The power of both to rule over Machines and Data and to fight against the odds. In the coming days it is going to be crucialContinue reading “Starting A New Venomous Journey”