Date Master Recipe

On the occasion of Father’s Day sharing a pearious #pear Date recipe. The fathers precious date recipe has the following ingredients:

  • One seedless black Date
  • One slice of Pear fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • One piece of any dry grape fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • Two drop shots of honey inside Date
  • Two drop shots of chocolate nutella inside Date

Enjoy it with all your Mind and Heart.Follow Me or Like Me as a Father.

See You Next Time

A moment of change and a moment of truth to see things differently. This is not the world’s end while the moon traverse between us and the Sun, rather it’s a change that happens as it revolves around the Earth and sure to come again in between may be in the next 25 years as predicted. Solar eclipses are events that has been happening in the past and been given a name Ring Of Fire although the name sounds scary but that does not harm anybody unless you do not take any precautions by watching the eclipse. This is nature’s beauty and a celestial game.

My Roots Don’t Change

As we grow we learn new things also through our learning we make new gains and adapt to the new changes that comes across. The one thing that will never change no matter how much knowledge we gained in years or regardless of the wealth, is our roots from where we came from. Everything that grows within us is based on the foundation of our ancestral roots. A strong foundation can hold as many branches as possible and grow as many leaves as possible. That is one thing which will never change no matter our circumstances in life today. Who we are and where we are from are the things that holds us firm and that is why we should not forget our past while we make gains in the future. The future is based on our past and regardless of the amount of wealth we may have today, it cannot change our past, it can only make changes to the present moment.You may imitate others in the way they live but you cannot imitate their past or their roots.

Always remember where you came from and your past is the beginning of your heart beat and the thumb of your soul. Do not change it’s rhythm no matter how far you go or how tall you grow.

B+ Positive

Life is made of days to make you lose at many occasions and create few win’s at the right time’s as well. There are times you may have to let go of things that bother you, so that this gives you the right space and opportunity to re-think or evaluate your self for better tomorrow. The only thing that should be ticking within yourself to strive through those difficult times is the attitude to Be Positive and never to lose hope that situations cannot be the same always and there is a day that you shall make tables turn. The real happiness in life are those moments you remember taking off the dust from your clothes to make that start or bounce back from where you left. So to create that moment of happiness to bounce back, Be Positive and do not lose faith in what you believe is right. Although crises has pulled us back from all our daily gains and craves or dragged us near the grave but let us wait in patience to B+.

#Thank_You Star Heroes

Everything Is Possible With You

Thank You to all the real Star Heroes who has taken everything that mattered to keep us Live Today and Kicking. It would never have been possible to relax and stay calm without you working all day and planning for the coming days. This is the biggest battle mankind has fought and you shall always be remembered in our hearts and minds. Saying Thank You is never enough but this is the least i can do.We know the battle is not over yet but everything is possible with You.

Data Is : Truth , Confidential , Available

In Data lies the truth and authenticity and that is the fundamental need to posses or own Data. Once Data is manipulated then it becomes information junk at your disposal. When you own real Data then comes the need to protect it from who sees it or can have the right to access it’s information. Therefore confidentiality of Data is as important as its authenticity. It takes many hard efforts to protect them so to maintain it’s authenticity. Making Data available whenever you need them is the flow of knowledge and information. Information should be available at your finger tips and should be made available through mediums of trusted sources. Protect your Data the way you protect your Identity and it’s as important as that.In Data Lies Power.


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Cement vs Virtual Economy

Which Side Are You In

Which side of the economic space are your interest, share me your thoughts or comments on the same. Are we in need of a cement economy or we are happy to continue to be in our virtual space of colleagues or friends.


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Share Me A Problem

There is no Crises that can be solved if we are able to put our Mind and Heart to the problem. It’s not a necessity that Money is needed to solve all problems but the solutions to all problems can result to the Money and that is simply why solving a problem is crucial than the Money . There is no individual a community or an organization that survives today without a problem including the author of this blog, but learning how to tackle a situation or learning how to come out of the problem is the final outcome of the problem itself. During these trying times what is most needed is a solution and i am here to give you my best effort in trying to solve a problem within your space of Information Technology , Business or Human Resource and 30 days is all that takes to solve it. ” Life is a Problem, Living is Solving Problems

Python For Finance is Here

Looking for a future with Finance and Machines, this is where the journey starts by learning to program in Python with the use of Market Stock Data and understanding it’s trends. Explore the world of Data Science and Machine learning by getting trained on the most popular Python programming language. Read More

3 Goals To Digital Safety

The 3 main goals to Digital Safety

Prevention : Personal information and company information must be protected . If there is a breach in any of these areas then there will be a lot of effort involved in recovery these information.Therefore preventing users from gaining un-authorized access should be the number 1 priority.

Detection: This occurs when someone is caught accessing unauthorized data or information or when data has been lost .

Recovery : During a disaster or an intrusion by unauthorized users, system data is sometimes compromised. It is in these cases you have to employ a process to data recovery of vital information.

Information Security Starts Here

Data is now available in a variety of forms such as digital media and print.Therefore every bit of data that is being used, shared or transmitted must be protected to minimize business risks and other consequences.

Starting A New Venomous Journey

From the Goddess of Oracle to the Devil’s Python, this is going to be a new force ahead having one on the left and the other on the right. The power of both to rule over Machines and Data and to fight against the odds. In the coming days it is going to be crucial to understand the importance of Data and analyzing it’s importance and therefore power will be in the hands of those who own’s Data to run Machines of the world.There is nothing humans needs to strive for when  Machines and Data can bring information at their finger tips and this is going to be the new norm ahead. Be part of this journey to learn about Machines and Data and join the

Be Logical @ Work.

Logical thinking skills are very important because they can help you reason through various decision and solving critical problems at work. The stronger your logical thinking is the faster you can benefit from its end result and supports the stability at your workplace.Logical thinking is like a breakfast at your table and is a must have.Keep socializing and practice asking questions which will eventually develop the key habits to logical thinking.Nothing matters beyond logical thinking and for everything else just Google it.