Nobody Is Breathing

If the VIRUS pandemic has impacted the lungs of many and lost their life’s, the rest of us are also destroying the lungs our self’s by not allowing to get proper oxygen supply due to a mask and the most scariest part is we are in taking more carbon dioxide at a faster rate. What i mean by that is we are inhaling back the same air which we have exhaled out at at faster rate. Wearing a Mask may prevent the spread of the virus to others but the possibility of killing oneself with lack of proper oxygen supply is also a bigger threat at the same time.

Freedom to breathe is of great importance, therefore let’s Stay Home and Breathe Easy to Stay Alive.

Thank You Covid-19

The pandemic has taught us many lessons, but it’s that time for change and to re-invent oneself.Although it has taken many of our jobs and has impacted our routine life, it also gives us that moment to bring family and friends closer in these times of need and shown us how important are them as well. It has basically halted the rat race which we were all into to think and pause for a while and showed us the importance of going online and having digital presence, in this way many of our life’s and work has changed drastically. It’s only a matter of time that this will also pass away and we shall come back to the new normal and whatever we may have learned during this pandemic will bring great values to the future ahead.

This pandemic has stopped everything but hasn’t stopped us from Learning and Changing one self.

Power Of Simplicity

There is none to save humanity today in this pandemic except by the force of front line worker’s and by the powers of wearing a face mask to save others. This Pandemic has proved although however powerful your enemy can be,they can easily be battled by not any man made beastly weapons except by the two simple ways of social distancing and face masks.These are the two most needed actions from us today to save us from this pandemic. This is called simplicity in it’s power.

This is basically life showing us no matter your hurdles or your challenges that you may face today, making things simple to battle it out should be the right way to battle any form of problems. We are the super humans responsible to complicate everything in this world, actually life is very simple if you actually look through it closely. Our human mind is naturally trained to complicate everything so that no body knows what’s happening or nobody get’s the slightest clue otherwise which you may not have many untold secrets. Be Simple and Humble is the only reality here and the rest will follow it’s course. There is a famous saying ” Never Overlook the Power Of Simplicity” start believing.

My Story In 700 Words

Born blessed in India with a silver spoon to an orthodox family in the year 1983. Taken to a foreign land UAE (United Arab Emirates) to continue being raised which i consider now as my home the same place parents made their livelihood. Went to English speaking school and learned to speak , read and write. Raised in a conservative life with minimal interaction to the outside world except through schooling and television. Enjoyed studying Science and scored the top at high school exams for physics.Loved intensively playing football at school and damaged a lot of my school uniforms in the playground. Came to India for my college and learned to be independent except financially. Had the best time of life doing college, meeting new friends and had fun studying and bunking classes. Became the hero among everyone around, got depressed and took my first smoke the moment i failed on one of my exams and from then on failing became so habituated, got involved in many brawls to stop juniors being ragged. Passed through college in the year 2007 and in the mean time had taken up a job as a support officer at a outsourcing company and from there kick started my work and career. The only thing that job needed was to talk and to talk in English and the rest of it was trained. Received appreciation for achieving the maximum customer satisfaction and got a bonus added to my profile. Had a serious girlfriend who was very matured and loving by nature and shared everything of her’s but i wasn’t lucky then to commit myself as i was still as irresponsible and not serious.

Moved back to UAE in search of better job opportunities. Got my first job related to my profession of qualification and stayed in that job for a short while until the world economic crises was hit in the year 2009 and then i was fired. Found my next job as i slowly gained experience and then decided to take up my driving license. Spend a fortune getting my license on the road and drew reckless after owning my first car and shelling a lot on traffic fines and speeding tickets. God saved my life except my money. Finding new job and deciding to have a family was happening at the same time as taking up responsibility struck me hard. My family believed in arranged marriage and i found my partner through online matrimonial as it worked for me to find the right partner. Worked day in and day out to make that choice for the rest of my life. A new job and my new partner came in together. Got hooked in the year 2012 and then started the third phase of my life’s story.

Blessed with two children(1 Boy 1 Girl) within 3 years of rough and tough marriage having switched multiple jobs, faced many challenges at work and at personal life but with the grace and help of a supportive partner and family, managed to survive through all those crises. Progressed ahead in career and learned a lot at work, taking multiple projects at work and faced clients that would add credibility on my future prospects. I did lost jobs couple of times and always found the next one at the same time, it was said, to win big you need to lose sometimes. In the era for technology when everyone had a website presence always wished to have one for myself and have contents online but took it for granted until the moment of Covid-19. Online presence was so important these days belonging to this era, without which i would have been an Alien. Thanks to WordPress for making this platform to express and present myself.

Here i am completing to write this short story and learning to be more peaceful and surviving in the current pandemic times with readiness for the challenges ahead. Wish me Luck and Thank you for your time in reading my interesting journey and if you found it good a Donation in Kind below will help me to continue to writing blogs.

Happy for the good days of my life, Stay Blessed.


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Proved: Time Never Equals Money

The world is in a rat race making money as times passes or saving wealth to secure their life for tomorrow. Some make gains or loses in this race. If time was equal to money then it would have been possible to recreate another day like yesterday to save those loses, but that is not the case with time wherein money could be duplicated or printed to fill those losses. What was actually lost yesterday was not the money but it was actually your time and your life.

If time and life are not replaceable then time is always equal to life.

Hope Is The Greatest Gift

These are the trying times for many of us as we may go through different kinds of pain, loss of wealth, loss of job or depression for that matter. Just remember these are times of test and do not loose Hope is the moral of your story also remember you are that precious metal being hammered to test it’s rigidness and never to loose Hope or Faith is the only way to pass it’s test.Keep in mind not all the metals in this world can be tested, it’s only those one’s that are meant to be of real purpose therefore you are a real worth if your being tested.

It is also during these times we should pause for a while to stop and think how well you could be doing the next time once you were able to pass this test and bounce back.We should know that life is only a test and we are here in this world to pass the different test’s we shall come across. It is not about the amount of wealth or the position that we earned would rate us at the end, it is simply how much we learned to live and how well we scored during these times of test. Never to loose hope or never to break down no matter the situations should be one thing that should keep us going.So let us take this opportunity to learn to live and to love in this short life and do not loose faith no matter whatever it takes.

Stay strong and remember we all in this together.


Privacy exist only when you have information within closed boundaries or inside your network perimeter.Data does not become private as far it can be accessed on the World Wide Web (www) It all depends how you wish to secure information and to whom this information can be accessible and shared. The internet is a world class market place to get access to everyone’s details or information and it is the worlds market place to sell or buy. The potential of keeping things safe on the internet cannot be guaranteed unless you own the market place itself and decide who should have access to those information and how you manage to secure those information.

Technically speaking all data which exist on a LAN (Local Area Network) are the only one’s which is private and privacy makes sense, whichever network has expanded to WAN (Wide Area Network) is no more private rather a public network . The Internet is a place of information and not a place of data confidentiality. As long information exist on the internet, data is considered to be public with restricted public access. Data or information which is present on-premise surrounding is never pubic unless these information is kept outside the on-premise which is otherwise known as public network or Cloud. When i mean on-premise i mean a place within your vicinity or inside your company or inside your house.Data on cloud is outside the perimeter of data privacy and it is totally up-to the cloud host to keep information secure and it can be also called like a private cloud.The internet is a public cloud where information is not private.

Bug’s Off

Software systems and technologies are build to help make our life at office or at home work smoothly and enhance the quality of living with better productivity. This is something that a techie or a systems developer need to keep in mind while working with software systems that is built with many lines of code.

Lines of code can either make a system serve it’s key purpose or turn the other way round by making life a hell. This is totally up to the makers of systems to decide whether to write lines of code with lack of code awareness or testing and leave it up-to it’s end users to pay a buck to remove the Bug that exist in a weak code and test it later.Software companies gains their worth only later to the product development after launching their products or services to the end user’s and getting paid to remove Bugs. Therefore it is very crucial to apply for support license or annual maintenance contract to fix bugs that came along.

System performance and user experience is completely dependent on the number of bugs that has been resolved or whether the experience was Bug free.Making software systems that are Bug free has long shelf life and this is what every software systems need to comply.

The Big 5 Thank You

2020 was not just a year to make people fall sick and life’s taken, it did cost us our daily job’s and income that supported our family. During these trying times as we did send our Thank You to the front liners who worked day in and day out to help us stay safe, that wasn’t enough without mentioning these guys,The landlords who gave us their home’s to be Rent free , The Schools who cut down their fees for those suffering parents, The Banks who waived off our Loan’s due for the period, The Police who dint charge any penalty rather extended their help to the community, The Foreign Country who allowed us to stay back no matter the odds we face.

We are definitely #inthistogether and extending #BigFiveThank You to everyone in this.

Date Master Recipe

On the occasion of Father’s Day sharing a pearious #pear Date recipe. The fathers precious date recipe has the following ingredients:

  • One seedless black Date
  • One slice of Pear fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • One piece of any dry grape fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • Two drop shots of honey inside Date
  • Two drop shots of chocolate nutella inside Date

Enjoy it with all your Mind and Heart.Follow Me or Like Me as a Father.

See You Next Time

A moment of change and a moment of truth to see things differently. This is not the world’s end while the moon traverse between us and the Sun, rather it’s a change that happens as it revolves around the Earth and sure to come again in between may be in the next 25 years as predicted. Solar eclipses are events that has been happening in the past and been given a name Ring Of Fire although the name sounds scary but that does not harm anybody unless you do not take any precautions by watching the eclipse. This is nature’s beauty and a celestial game.

My Roots Don’t Change

As we grow we learn new things also through our learning we make new gains and adapt to the new changes that comes across. The one thing that will never change no matter how much knowledge we gained in years or regardless of the wealth, is our roots from where we came from. Everything that grows within us is based on the foundation of our ancestral roots. A strong foundation can hold as many branches as possible and grow as many leaves as possible. That is one thing which will never change no matter our circumstances in life today. Who we are and where we are from are the things that holds us firm and that is why we should not forget our past while we make gains in the future. The future is based on our past and regardless of the amount of wealth we may have today, it cannot change our past, it can only make changes to the present moment.You may imitate others in the way they live but you cannot imitate their past or their roots.

Always remember where you came from and your past is the beginning of your heart beat and the thumb of your soul. Do not change it’s rhythm no matter how far you go or how tall you grow.

B+ Positive

Life is made of days to make you lose at many occasions and create few win’s at the right time’s as well. There are times you may have to let go of things that bother you, so that this gives you the right space and opportunity to re-think or evaluate your self for better tomorrow. The only thing that should be ticking within yourself to strive through those difficult times is the attitude to Be Positive and never to lose hope that situations cannot be the same always and there is a day that you shall make tables turn. The real happiness in life are those moments you remember taking off the dust from your clothes to make that start or bounce back from where you left. So to create that moment of happiness to bounce back, Be Positive and do not lose faith in what you believe is right. Although crises has pulled us back from all our daily gains and craves or dragged us near the grave but let us wait in patience to B+.

#Thank_You Star Heroes

Everything Is Possible With You

Thank You to all the real Star Heroes who has taken everything that mattered to keep us Live Today and Kicking. It would never have been possible to relax and stay calm without you working all day and planning for the coming days. This is the biggest battle mankind has fought and you shall always be remembered in our hearts and minds. Saying Thank You is never enough but this is the least i can do.We know the battle is not over yet but everything is possible with You.