Easy Money Quick Loot

As it is always believed hard earned Money never drains fast and in reality what stays till the end is your hard earned wealth. There is always satisfaction when you own earned money because that is completely your time and efforts invested and no one can claim right to it.

There are two things in this world that makes wealth for you and is never your wealth actually one of them is winning a Jackpot and the other is wealth from Forex Market. The speed and prize it offers you will be taken back from you at the same speed and much greater price. Never get caught in this wealth trap in which it is deemed to be considered as Easy Money Quick Loot. The kind of wealth it may offer you is of gambled money from others investment and not the money that you want to take ownership of it. In this game not everyone’s investment is made worth or not everyone is a winner whereas one person or that one organization shall claim the wealth of everyone’s investment and that one person is just lucky to take all your invested money and you loose because either you aren’t lucky enough or you aren’t that artificially intelligent to know what happens next. This is not the kind of wealth that you want to make for yourself to be self satisfied. History has only proved whichever wealth comes the easy way has also exited the easy way.

Earn money because it’s a gift to your hardship and invest money in only if you know it’s shape, color and you can touch it.

ThankYou UAE

I wouldn’t be who i am today without the inspiration and love of this remarkable nation known as the United Arab Emirates. Coming to the UAE was not just a travel plan, rather a blessed journey to live, work and call it Home. Being raised here in the UAE it never felt any different from the culture, tradition or love of my mother country, rather an enriched place with freedom to practice and follow your likes and beliefs. Being a drastically transformational nation people who came here for a living had never felt anything less or never wanted to leave this nation, rather watch it grow and grow along with it. It was a place where people would never give up on. I wouldn’t drive the best car, I wouldn’t try the best food , I wouldn’t find my best half, I wouldn’t have a best roof or I wouldn’t have lived the best life, if it was not in the UAE and I want to always thank UAE for giving everything and everything with a good shine. Remembering especially the two greatest visionary leaders Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid who laid the foundation pillars for this nation. UAE is blessed and so are it’s people. Wishing a Happy 49th National Day and Long Live UAE.

Bug’s Off

Software systems and technologies are build to help make our life at office or at home work smoothly and enhance the quality of living with better productivity. This is something that a techie or a systems developer need to keep in mind while working with software systems that is built with many lines of code.

Lines of code can either make a system serve it’s key purpose or turn the other way round by making life a hell. This is totally up to the makers of systems to decide whether to write lines of code with lack of code awareness or testing and leave it up-to it’s end users to pay a buck to remove the Bug that exist in a weak code and test it later.Software companies gains their worth only later to the product development after launching their products or services to the end user’s and getting paid to remove Bugs. Therefore it is very crucial to apply for support license or annual maintenance contract to fix bugs that came along.

System performance and user experience is completely dependent on the number of bugs that has been resolved or whether the experience was Bug free.Making software systems that are Bug free has long shelf life and this is what every software systems need to comply.

The Big 5 Thank You

2020 was not just a year to make people fall sick and life’s taken, it did cost us our daily job’s and income that supported our family. During these trying times as we did send our Thank You to the front liners who worked day in and day out to help us stay safe, that wasn’t enough without mentioning these guys,The landlords who gave us their home’s to be Rent free , The Schools who cut down their fees for those suffering parents, The Banks who waived off our Loan’s due for the period, The Police who dint charge any penalty rather extended their help to the community, The Foreign Country who allowed us to stay back no matter the odds we face.

We are definitely #inthistogether and extending #BigFiveThank You to everyone in this.

Date Master Recipe

On the occasion of Father’s Day sharing a pearious #pear Date recipe. The fathers precious date recipe has the following ingredients:

  • One seedless black Date
  • One slice of Pear fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • One piece of any dry grape fruit to be fit inside the Date
  • Two drop shots of honey inside Date
  • Two drop shots of chocolate nutella inside Date

Enjoy it with all your Mind and Heart.Follow Me or Like Me as a Father.

See You Next Time

A moment of change and a moment of truth to see things differently. This is not the world’s end while the moon traverse between us and the Sun, rather it’s a change that happens as it revolves around the Earth and sure to come again in between may be in the next 25 years as predicted. Solar eclipses are events that has been happening in the past and been given a name Ring Of Fire although the name sounds scary but that does not harm anybody unless you do not take any precautions by watching the eclipse. This is nature’s beauty and a celestial game.

Cement vs Virtual Economy

Which Side Are You In

Which side of the economic space are your interest, share me your thoughts or comments on the same. Are we in need of a cement economy or we are happy to continue to be in our virtual space of colleagues or friends.


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