Do Not Panic I Am Here

If you really had to panic about AI, do not worry they could do less damage what computers had done. The way computers have revolutionized the job industry , AI is just the outer most cream of this computer revolution. History has proven computers have revolutionized most of the work in today’s job market where human dependence have reduced and more of automations and robotics process have been introduced to reduce much of the human intervention and getting more productivity.

If you have adapted to learning computers and using them at your work places and learning how they work well for you in getting your job done easily, in the same way you could also learn AI to make your job well done and that is the crux all about AI. Learning has just got smarter, easier and faster when compared to what you already know.AI is a concept which actually has been around for a very long time since 1950. The only difference it has when compared to the normal computers is that it comes with intelligence to support human thinking at all their daily activities.

Imagine if you could feed all your experience into one system that could immediately give you the result for a new comer and that is revolution in this industry. Therefore it’s a ton of experience or data fed into a computer which is otherwise known as AI.