Work For Customer Satisfaction

Like everyone said do what you like and be what you like to become but I would also say no matter whatever you do or become, do it with your heart and not just your brain. Adding a great thought to your work is smart but if you haven’t put your heart into it then your work had missed a smile on your client or customer’s face. Everything in this world is all about satisfaction and happiness also once your work has created a smile on another person’s face that is exactly when you have done a great work. My career started working in a service industry and it had just one mission which was customer is King and our goals where focused to make every customer that had called to resolve their concern must leave with a happy face. Customer satisfaction was the ultimate aim or the end result of our products and services and without customer satisfaction, you haven’t yet completed your work even though you have provided a solution to the problem. The most important thing that I learned in my first job was to create happiness among customers and then I realized once they were happy, I was sure to have achieved my companies mission. It was also said doesn’t matter if the problem wasn’t solved but if you have spoken in such a way that has made them happy even though their problem still exist then you still have accomplished the mission.

We all do many things at our work but at the same time if those work achieved haven’t touched any heart then your work is still incomplete. No matter how small or big your work could be, working for results is also important but at the same time if your results has only become quantitative and missed the quality using your heart then your work is just a pile of dump that nobody wants. When you have created a smile on your customer or client’s face then your time will automatically become more valuable to them than any other people or work around them, because your dedication and compassion towards the work has made them feel you important towards their goals or mission.

Customer satisfaction is the epitome of any business success or failure and there must be procedures in place to find out how happy have you made your customer or client when you tried to work for them or resolve a problem. This should be in the form of a customer survey or a rating against your company or it could also be in it’s best form of a customer testimony. These process has to be in place only then we shall know whether the time we have invested to work for your client’s or customer was really a satisfying experience and not just a job done rather a job well done.

Learn with a Teacher

Learning is a need and teaching is a skill well mastered and you will never know what you learned until you had a teacher. There are many ways of learning these days whether it may be online or in-person. At the end of the day you gain knowledge either by reading what you intended to learn or someone sharing their personal experience and subject knowledge to you in person for that subject you thought about learning. I totally believe in the fact that learning should always be an experience and not just knowledge download and that experience happens in the presence of a teacher and that’s simply why teacher’s are so important in today’s world because everyone can learn easily today new things on their choice of interest, but do you care to know whether what you learn is the right thing. This is the gap in the learning curve and let us try to keep it simple with the presence of a teacher.

There was one of my students who came to me and said that he completed his graduation in certain specialized subject because he was committed to do so but never knew what was it’s applicability, now here comes the reality check. This is the time we should pause to think and analyze whether we learned for a purpose or did we learn to serve the cause. Learning is good but keep in check to learn it from the right source and this source should not be information from the internet rather words from the mouth of a teacher. With the presence of advanced technology in the modern era, getting information from the internet has become convenient and also gone to the extend of taking a first place to find the right information but how much it is true comes to the fact only when you validate what you see with a real person or a teacher. Therefore dumping information on the internet has become very easy but the reality or the facts about what you read to learn can only be made sense with a Teacher and it is the teacher that still holds the integrity of information.

Today when anyone of us falls ill the first place we consult our problems is with the internet and later you feel your problems aren’t getting anywhere only then comes the real doctor, so the trust of a doctor has taken a second place against the computer and also probably would be too late before you realize the solution. The same goes with learning things from the internet where information is available in abundance but the integrity of it is what matters in the presence of a teacher. Teachers hold themselves responsible for information and can guide you take the right information from the ocean of data called the Internet.

To My Beloved Home #UAE

This post is dedicated to my beloved home #UAE, where I started my journey young as 2 Years and now kicking 38 Years doing many jobs, learning new things and later becoming a father of 2 lucky kids from the #UAE. Being an Indian and later taken to this foreign land #UAE which I call my 2nd home today was indeed a remarkable home and also a journey with so many beautiful memorable years passing by, seeing how this nation which was as small as any other country in this world or barren as any other desert in this world or no other jobs apart from fishing or pearl diving has transformed today to be known for it’s world’s best innovators or world’s best place to live or world’s central hub to travel from #UAE to elsewhere needs too many words to explain on how did it make that happen in less than 50 Years but it was a simply a dream come true in God Speed. I sometimes think, am I that frog in the well that hasn’t seen the outside world but trust me my mind proves me wrong that there is no better place to make a living from the rest of the world apart from #UAE. My glorious memory living in the #UAE was still always living at #AbuDhabi where I was raised and those places called the Corniche which then had a stone fountain right at it’s heart and that was the center piece of #AbuDhabi.

From Right Me & Cousin @ Stone Fountain
Abu Dhabi

There is one thing that teaches all of us here is that this nation started small with many humble beginnings and also with great determination and hard work and this was not just for anything else but for the love of the country and its people. Growing up in this country has taught us the value of Tolerance and Peace and also respecting other cultures that make you think that everyone is equal. This country has so many people with dreams and believe me dreams come true here at #UAE and while I am writing this post, there are many on their way achieving those wonderful moments in their life. Thanks to those great visionary leaders of this great nation starting from Sheikh Zayed to Sheikh Mohammed in helping their people and it’s community in creating this great nation to live for their people and the people around them. You feel at home only where you are safe and I never felt safe anywhere else as much in #UAE. The years past has been a bumpy road even during those tough times #UAE never gave up on it’s people like a parent not giving up to their children and that is the humility of this nation, that do not worry no matter the odds #UAE is home to everyone and that is why I am blessed to be part of this great nation. As UAE is celebrating their 50 glorious years in 2021, I wish and pray this beautiful nation another 50 more years and God Bless to all it’s Visionary Leaders and Beautiful People.

Vaccinate India Free

This is the time of generosity and humanity and it was not anyone’s mistake to take this burden for cure. If people can be generous then this is the time to prove it. Profiting from someone’s cure , the actual intention may not be to provide the cure in the first place rather make profits first then provide cure. This is not the time

Love Humanity

To Love one another is the only purpose of mankind and through love all things are made possible. Through love all wars can be fought and nothing has been proved impossible through love as there are no other weapons invented to replace it, but God’s creations went in search of the truth and ended up discovering weapons in many forms and sizes but the fact is there is no one size that fits all. The simply way forward is to love all his creations and you will find the truth eventually. We were given this beautiful land called Earth only to see how you perform here as our testing ground to get yourself prepared for another Earth. God’s love and war is how you show the love towards all his creations so let’s handle them with care. Waging war against humanity is a battle against God’s creation, let’s not dare.