The Worst Fear

If you are reading this that means you are one of those luckiest one alive and kicking. I always felt I was being prepared to overcome the worst fear. Much before the pandemic period, even before the year 2020 could start, I was always faced with life’s most critical insecurities which was not having a permanent job and financial instabilities arising due to such unforeseen events. But in spite of all the odds, I managed to pickup the pace by grabbing to opportunities that God send my way and ran along the track to pick up with the pace that I had lost. The most crucial part of the race was having a family as well with you in this who was fully dependent on you during these times and it was a crucial moment to confront them and give them hope that we shall be back on feet. Said that moments came when I could come back on my feet from a shortfall and this gave me the patience and confidence that we can bounce back from a fall. These where life’s insecurities used to happen much earlier to 2020 and happened couple of times such that we became shock resistant to any outcomes. This is a reality of life, the more you face the worst fears the more you become resistant to those fears and you learn to keep calm in spite the odds. The lessons we learned was hope and confidence to fight back from the fall that kept us going ahead in life and never to lose faith.

Starting 2020 I was financially hit much harder than the previous years, lost income for a longer time and larger financial instabilities rose again but what I learned and earned in my previous years gave me the strength and hope to withstand the worst storm that I could ever imagine. The worry of health and wealth was both crucial during these times but God gave us the health to be mentally and physically prepared. Learning to live the most simplest way, learning to better manage every penny you own, living a healthy and happy life within yourself and your loved one’s was the biggest learning objective this pandemic had to offer. I believe if these where the worst of all times and if we have overcome this and come out of this alive and victorious, thank God in keeping you prepared for tomorrow.

Saving The World and Burning The House

Is it possible to burn your house and go to save the world. Yes it might not ethically sound right because if you can’t save the fire at your house, how could it be possible for you to save the world. The house should be our first world where we stay with our family or friends. The smallest problem that arises always comes from the house where we live and from the people who lives with us and if we do not have the determination to save the house, trying to save the world around you would not make any sense. Our house should always be our first proof of love, care or humanity and spreading the same to the rest of the world is our duty and responsibility. Making the people you know and are living around you feel happy and your love for them is proven to the rest of the world. When your child cries at your home, running to wipe the tears of other children has no real intension rather just a publicity. True humanity starts from home then spread to the rest of the world. Once your home is happy the world would also become an happy place.

To My Beloved Home #UAE

This post is dedicated to my beloved home #UAE, where I started my journey young as 2 Years and now kicking 38 Years doing many jobs, learning new things and later becoming a father of 2 lucky kids from the #UAE. Being an Indian and later taken to this foreign land #UAE which I call my 2nd home today was indeed a remarkable home and also a journey with so many beautiful memorable years passing by, seeing how this nation which was as small as any other country in this world or barren as any other desert in this world or no other jobs apart from fishing or pearl diving has transformed today to be known for it’s world’s best innovators or world’s best place to live or world’s central hub to travel from #UAE to elsewhere needs too many words to explain on how did it make that happen in less than 50 Years but it was a simply a dream come true in God Speed. I sometimes think, am I that frog in the well that hasn’t seen the outside world but trust me my mind proves me wrong that there is no better place to make a living from the rest of the world apart from #UAE. My glorious memory living in the #UAE was still always living at #AbuDhabi where I was raised and those places called the Corniche which then had a stone fountain right at it’s heart and that was the center piece of #AbuDhabi.

From Right Me & Cousin @ Stone Fountain
Abu Dhabi

There is one thing that teaches all of us here is that this nation started small with many humble beginnings and also with great determination and hard work and this was not just for anything else but for the love of the country and its people. Growing up in this country has taught us the value of Tolerance and Peace and also respecting other cultures that make you think that everyone is equal. This country has so many people with dreams and believe me dreams come true here at #UAE and while I am writing this post, there are many on their way achieving those wonderful moments in their life. Thanks to those great visionary leaders of this great nation starting from Sheikh Zayed to Sheikh Mohammed in helping their people and it’s community in creating this great nation to live for their people and the people around them. You feel at home only where you are safe and I never felt safe anywhere else as much in #UAE. The years past has been a bumpy road even during those tough times #UAE never gave up on it’s people like a parent not giving up to their children and that is the humility of this nation, that do not worry no matter the odds #UAE is home to everyone and that is why I am blessed to be part of this great nation. As UAE is celebrating their 50 glorious years in 2021, I wish and pray this beautiful nation another 50 more years and God Bless to all it’s Visionary Leaders and Beautiful People.

Vaccinate India Free

This is the time of generosity and humanity and it was not anyone’s mistake to take this burden for cure. If people can be generous then this is the time to prove it. Profiting from someone’s cure , the actual intention may not be to provide the cure in the first place rather make profits first then provide cure. This is not the time

Love Humanity

To Love one another is the only purpose of mankind and through love all things are made possible. Through love all wars can be fought and nothing has been proved impossible through love as there are no other weapons invented to replace it, but God’s creations went in search of the truth and ended up discovering weapons in many forms and sizes but the fact is there is no one size that fits all. The simply way forward is to love all his creations and you will find the truth eventually. We were given this beautiful land called Earth only to see how you perform here as our testing ground to get yourself prepared for another Earth. God’s love and war is how you show the love towards all his creations so let’s handle them with care. Waging war against humanity is a battle against God’s creation, let’s not dare.