Talking or Doing

There isn’t much of an impact based on analysis when you talk Bad, which gets forgotten over a period of time but that isn’t the case while Doing things . Action speaks louder than words and words don’t mean anything when there isn’t an outcome or the output from the end. No matter how badContinue reading “Talking or Doing”

Believe In God and Trust Data

Have faith in God and must believe there does exist a superior power above humans, machines or other extra terrestrial. Nothing on this earth and beyond was created without the superior’s knowledge and has left it to the humans to research and study about the creations. It was God’s vision to put humans on EarthContinue reading “Believe In God and Trust Data”

Data Can Fix Emotions

People’s emotions are managed and consoled by their friends or family but Data can do a better job with dynamic dashboard’s.Believe in data and let it shed light in your darkest room or start answering your biggest fear by presenting data in a more authentic and realistic manner. If this information finds you interesting letContinue reading “Data Can Fix Emotions”