Classify Data

To classify the information you hold, is very important to identify it’s value. Any data that resides within your company or personal that sits around without any classification stays unorganized or scattered. These scattered information can posses high risk of being lost or taken and that is why Data classification is essential to understand its contents and sensitivity. Here are some of the few reasons why one must classify data.

1. Data Security : Sensitive information such as financial information, personal identifiable information or trade secrets can be given level of highest security. In-order to access these information it is very important to have access control or data encryption in place.

2. Compliance : There are many regulations in place today such as GDPR, HIPAA or PCI to help your organizations be in compliance so you remain safe doing your work or business.

3. Efficiency : Data classification enables organizations to identify and prioritize the data that is most critical to their operations. This helps them allocate resources, such as storage, backup, or disaster recovery, more efficiently and effectively.

4.Risk Management : Classification of information is an important tool for assessing and managing risk associated with data. By understanding the sensitivity organizations can identify the potential risk and take measures to mitigate them.

Therefore protect your assets before it leaves without your knowledge. Implementing Microsoft 365 Security is the first foot forward in bringing data under regulations.


Learn One Law

Everyone today only needs to master and learn One Law which is the Labor Law and by doing that you are indirectly managing all the other laws that falls suite in today’s digital world. The power of knowing labor laws will automatically harness the benefits of having the laws around your digital world also being safeguarded. Whenever less attention has been paid to labor laws, that’s exactly when your organization shall fall prey to other laws in today’s digital world. There is nothing more challenging in today’s world to manage humans than managing technology. Less attention paid to labor will automatically be a huge responsibility or a threat to your digital world. The biggest threat in today’s digital world is not the threat posed by technology or the weakness around it but the threat of humans acting against the technology. The more you embrace the labor force the less you need to worry about your digital world. This is the law governing everyone today and the moment you master the trade to learn the Labor, consider the rest to be taken care by itself and that is the secret sauce to your digital safety.