I wouldn’t be who i am today without the inspiration and love of this remarkable nation known as the United Arab Emirates. Coming to the UAE was not just a travel plan, rather a blessed journey to live, work and call it Home. Being raised here in the UAE it never felt any different from the culture, tradition or love of my mother country, rather an enriched place with freedom to practice and follow your likes and beliefs. Being a drastically transformational nation people who came here for a living had never felt anything less or never wanted to leave this nation, rather watch it grow and grow along with it. It was a place where people would never give up on. I wouldn’t drive the best car, I wouldn’t try the best food , I wouldn’t find my best half, I wouldn’t have a best roof or I wouldn’t have lived the best life, if it was not in the UAE and I want to always thank UAE for giving everything and everything with a good shine. Remembering especially the two greatest visionary leaders Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid who laid the foundation pillars for this nation. UAE is blessed and so are it’s people. Wishing a Happy 49th National Day and Long Live UAE.


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