My Day One for 2020 Starts

2020 never began for me until this day. It had been a nightmare of days and months in the past where taking care of yourself first was the most important from the rest of the world and doing nothing else apart from just that. There was no other Year like 2020 for me especially when this was the Year i started 1st January 2020 without Work or a Job and staying at Home was the only way never knowing what was going to happen in the coming days with Staying Home was going to be the mandate norm to Stay Alive.

It would never have been easy or possible without the support and help of my dear one’s and the institutions (Schools , Banks , Landlord’s) that extended their financial support to cover me up during this pandemic season and last not to mention those front-line worker’s who went out while we stayed at Home to fight the pandemic.I want to Thank everyone in this and specially my partner (wife) for being very understanding and supportive also believing in me that we shall bounce back one day.

Well then today 07.07.2020 i am blessed with a new venture by an Angle who rang me and asked to dust myself up and start working, that is how i am starting my Year 2020.

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