My Story In 700 Words

Born blessed in India with a silver spoon to an orthodox family in the year 1983. Taken to a foreign land UAE (United Arab Emirates) to continue being raised which i consider now as my home the same place parents made their livelihood. Went to English speaking school and learned to speak , read and write. Raised in a conservative life with minimal interaction to the outside world except through schooling and television. Enjoyed studying Science and scored the top at high school exams for physics.Loved intensively playing football at school and damaged a lot of my school uniforms in the playground. Came to India for my college and learned to be independent except financially. Had the best time of life doing college, meeting new friends and had fun studying and bunking classes. Became the hero among everyone around, got depressed and took my first smoke the moment i failed on one of my exams and from then on failing became so habituated, got involved in many brawls to stop juniors being ragged. Passed through college in the year 2007 and in the mean time had taken up a job as a support officer at a outsourcing company and from there kick started my work and career. The only thing that job needed was to talk and to talk in English and the rest of it was trained. Received appreciation for achieving the maximum customer satisfaction and got a bonus added to my profile. Had a serious girlfriend who was very matured and loving by nature and shared everything of her’s but i wasn’t lucky then to commit myself as i was still as irresponsible and not serious.

Moved back to UAE in search of better job opportunities. Got my first job related to my profession of qualification and stayed in that job for a short while until the world economic crises was hit in the year 2009 and then i was fired. Found my next job as i slowly gained experience and then decided to take up my driving license. Spend a fortune getting my license on the road and drew reckless after owning my first car and shelling a lot on traffic fines and speeding tickets. God saved my life except my money. Finding new job and deciding to have a family was happening at the same time as taking up responsibility struck me hard. My family believed in arranged marriage and i found my partner through online matrimonial as it worked for me to find the right partner. Worked day in and day out to make that choice for the rest of my life. A new job and my new partner came in together. Got hooked in the year 2012 and then started the third phase of my life’s story.

Blessed with two children(1 Boy 1 Girl) within 3 years of rough and tough marriage having switched multiple jobs, faced many challenges at work and at personal life but with the grace and help of a supportive partner and family, managed to survive through all those crises. Progressed ahead in career and learned a lot at work, taking multiple projects at work and faced clients that would add credibility on my future prospects. I did lost jobs couple of times and always found the next one at the same time, it was said, to win big you need to lose sometimes. In the era for technology when everyone had a website presence always wished to have one for myself and have contents online but took it for granted until the moment of Covid-19. Online presence was so important these days belonging to this era, without which i would have been an Alien. Thanks to WordPress for making this platform to express and present myself.

Here i am completing to write this short story and learning to be more peaceful and surviving in the current pandemic times with readiness for the challenges ahead. Wish me Luck and Thank you for your time in reading my interesting journey and if you found it good a Donation in Kind below will help me to continue to writing blogs.

Happy for the good days of my life, Stay Blessed.


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