Software systems and technologies are build to help make our life at office or at home work smoothly and enhance the quality of living with better productivity. This is something that a techie or a systems developer need to keep in mind while working with software systems that is built with many lines of code.

Lines of code can either make a system serve it’s key purpose or turn the other way round by making life a hell. This is totally up to the makers of systems to decide whether to write lines of code with lack of code awareness or testing and leave it up-to it’s end users to pay a buck to remove the Bug that exist in a weak code and test it later.Software companies gains their worth only later to the product development after launching their products or services to the end user’s and getting paid to remove Bugs. Therefore it is very crucial to apply for support license or annual maintenance contract to fix bugs that came along.

System performance and user experience is completely dependent on the number of bugs that has been resolved or whether the experience was Bug free.Making software systems that are Bug free has long shelf life and this is what every software systems need to comply.


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