As we grow we learn new things also through our learning we make new gains and adapt to the new changes that comes across. The one thing that will never change no matter how much knowledge we gained in years or regardless of the wealth, is our roots from where we came from. Everything that grows within us is based on the foundation of our ancestral roots. A strong foundation can hold as many branches as possible and grow as many leaves as possible. That is one thing which will never change no matter our circumstances in life today. Who we are and where we are from are the things that holds us firm and that is why we should not forget our past while we make gains in the future. The future is based on our past and regardless of the amount of wealth we may have today, it cannot change our past, it can only make changes to the present moment.You may imitate others in the way they live but you cannot imitate their past or their roots.

Always remember where you came from and your past is the beginning of your heart beat and the thumb of your soul. Do not change it’s rhythm no matter how far you go or how tall you grow.


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