This is my training initiative during the lockdown and I hope you to be a part of this learning also take advantage of the current lock down to Learn from experienced professionals. Follow me and subscribe to any of my interesting topics. Learning Never Stops.

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26 thoughts on “My Training’s During Lock Down

  1. I really advise taking course with Mr Praveen, i took with him forms and reports in Oracle and it was benefit for me
    Thanks Mr Praveen

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  2. The course is broken down conveniently to make it easy for the student to absorb, and the teacher, Mr. Praveen, is very interactive, supportive, and importantly, patient during classes. He makes the content easy to understand, takes the time to have discussions, and explains content repeatedly if the student finds something difficult to grasp. He also provides good information as well as practical exposure to the content

    For anyone looking to learn the basics of program language, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with Mr. Praveen to build a strong foundation

    Thank you Mr. Praveen

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  3. Dear Mr.Praveen,
    it was really so valuable to meet you and give me the information that I need with very simple way to let me understand well, Thank you so much, Hope to meet you again.

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  4. Your systematic approach and guidance make the course journey more interesting and hands-on gives confidence in what we learn. Keep up the good work !!!

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  5. I joined the course of Power BI with Mr. Praveen. I just simply loved the way he presented and interacted during the course. He knows the mindset of the students and moulds the classes accordingly. Keep that Mode ON!!

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    1. Thank You Mr.Anup for your valuable feedback, I would not get into this trade if i haven’t valued my student needs first and I want to thank you for your trust. Wishing you Good Luck and hoping to see you back for future trainings.


  6. I enrolled for Power BI course with Mr. Praveen – the course was well structured and he focused on areas that were important. Mr. Praveen is very patient and in spite of losing 2 classes due to my system issues he took up the extra classes without hesitation. Will definitely recommend Mr. Praveen to anyone looking forward to pursing IT related courses.

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  7. The session was excellent and informative also easy to follow ,even though if you don’t possess any programming background you can easily follow the class. The most captivating part was the revision method ,which he follows and it enables us to brush-up entire session easily. Wishing him good luck for his future endeavor.

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  8. Mr.Praveen came to take us a corporate training for Power BI course and it was very informative with detailed explanations with all relevant examples. He was giving the training not only by teaching theory but also relevant practical examples was included.
    I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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  9. I took corporate training for Power BI course from Mr. Praveen
    I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organized and focused on practical situations.

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  10. First of all I want to thank you “Praveen”. I am glad to had the “AWS Solution Architech Professional” course from you because I am much impressed with the way that you taught and give enough & required space in practical session to comprehend AWS services. I would honestly recommend others also.

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  11. We had a training course Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I & II – Effective Presentation & course expertise, The content was well organized, interactive session and focused on practical situations. Thanks for the overall service provided.

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